Publisher: Mengly J. Quach University Press
Release Date: September, 2020
Pages: 356 Pages
Dimensions: 13 x 19.5 cm
Language: Khmer

Poems from the heart

This collection of “Poems from the heart” is the 8th edition written by Oknha Dr. Mengly J. Quach. Our Author uses traditional form of Khmer poetry, that last over centuries, to express his philosophy, ideas, experiences as well as life’s struggles in searching for successes which he has gone through, so far.

In the process of making this collection of poems appear, The Mengly J. Quach University Press, MJQUP team have facilitated alongside with the author. Moreover, this 365 pages book carries out and contributes to readers the idea of happiness, self-taught, inspire to be inspired, leadership, business mindsets and moral in life through its beauty of rhymes in each stanza.

Also, the collection of “Poem from the heart” is the 12th title that has been published by The Mengly J. Quach University Press.

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