By Ms. YouEy Eng

The Procurement Office at Mengly J. Quach Education Plc. offers services such as placing orders for requests made by the company, making signs for advertisements, and printing services. As a Purchasing Officer for more than 10 years in the company, I have placed orders for equipment, office supplies, study materials for general staff and construction resources.
At one time, we placed orders for bikes for children to transport them to school. Construction projects are also undertaken by the company like building schools, bridges and wells. Neak Okhna Dr. Mengly J. Quach usually sends a team to study potential locations for building wells in areas where there is a shortage of water.
One of the greatest projects in the company is the construction of schools and bridges. You probably know that without local schools, children and the society as a whole will never develop. The construction of a school is like celebrating seven pagodas, which can change the future of children.
When there is a fundraising activity, our office is in charge of ordering necessary materials. I am inspired to do better and contribute to the many projects Neak Okhna Dr. Mengly Quach continues to plan in the future.