Communication is an important aspect of human life whether you are a student or a working professional. In order to relay the message, one must communicate it properly. At times, misunderstanding happens due to communication barriers caused by the environment, people’s attitude, distraction or priorities, lack of trust, and culture and language barrier. Here are some suggestions to put an end to or minimize these barriers:
1. The environment
It is important to ensure that the work environment is comfortable for everyone and that it will not be a barrier to effective communication. For example, all personal conversations in the team should take place outside the working area or in a meeting room to avoid the noise distracting other team members. 
2. People’s attitudes and emotional state
When people are under pressure or burdened by their problems at home or work their attention to messages may be affected and most likely result in miscommunication.
3. Distractions and other priorities
The project manager or supervisor must ensure that the responsibilities are well distributed among the team members and the timeline is set properly.
4. Lack of Transparency & Trust
It is extremely difficult to communicate anything when trust is missing. For example, if your staff believes that your intentions are selfish in nature, they will speculate, and as a result, it will be more difficult for them to process any attempt you make to communicate with them.
5. Culture and language
Another barrier to communication is cultural and language differences. To remove this barrier, the language used to communicate should be delivered in simple language to avoid misunderstanding. Choose a language common to everyone like English.
-By Sras Sam