“The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know.” – Aristotle

 The definition of a modern computer is a device that computes data and provides standard output. It dynamically runs algorithms and arithmetic operations to provide fast and accurate results which are obvious and valid in mathematical terms.

 Whereas, Quantum is a discrete quantity of energy proportional to its radiation. It is a spectrum form of matter which is not absolute until noticed. The analogy of flipping a coin and covering it manifest the possibilities of having heads or tails, which are both until revealed. The discrete polarities of two sides reside in an edge of change. It is called superposition.

The modern world of technology, an integral part of evolution, has served humanity with unimaginable assistance and shifted the boundaries of physical limitation. It has changed the paradigm of personal and professional life with opportunities and challenges manifesting digitalization and security threat. Quantum computer uses superposition to calculate data, which is one qubit to two bits configuration. The computation done in classic computers can be hacked but quantum computers are immune to hackers. Quantum computing coincides with quantum entanglement that paves the possibilities of digital romanticization to reality.

What else does quantum have to give us in the future? 

-By Ravi Ghimire