Hi. I am Jamaica Facturan. I finished my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education majoring in Special Education in 2014. I have been able to teach kids with special needs through home-based ABA therapy way back in the Philippines for a year then an opportunity knocked and opened me to work overseas.  My first ESL teaching experience was when I flew to Vietnam and taught English to Vietnamese students and later on moved to Cambodia. I started my teaching career at Aii Language Center in the year 2016. I was assigned at TK then transferred to CC and recently to MTT Campus. I have always enjoyed teaching younger learners. They are inquisitive, adorable, and fun to be with. One of the few qualities that I learned throughout my teaching journey is to be patient. You have to have an understanding mind, a listening ear, and a loving heart toward your students. Now that I am a part of the management team, I will use these qualities to inspire teachers and enrich their skills and fullest potential.