Karen Edegan Pagulayan is born and raised in the Philippines. She is a licensed teacher who graduated as Cumlaude with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education with Leadership Recognition. She started her career at Aii Language Center, Chak Angre Campus as a part-time teacher. She said that to keep stepping forward, do what is right because she believes that there is nothing wrong with being right.Throughout her career, she is optimistic that an educational system could evolve into something that we haven’t imagined if we embrace change. These changes that she envisions made her as a Head Teacher at Aii Language Center, Mao Tse Tong Campus.

Witnessed by her naked eyes, Karen saw how breaking the norm of our educational system changes the atmosphere of a classroom. This builds up her vision, “A quality 21st-century classroom that is home away from home where students learn freely and happily in accordance with the learning process.” She stated that providing a warm environment for the students is a key to bring out the best in them rather than mandating them what to do. She also goes with what Steve Jobs said during one of his interviews that we don`t educate our children to be rich but we educate them to be happy so when they grow up, they will value the value of things, not the price.