Ms. Nalen Khlim is Campus Director of the Aii Language Center, Phsar Thmey Campus.

Academically, she graduated in Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) in 2016 and completed her 140-hour TESOL Course from TESOL House at Aii Language Center in 2019. Due to her passion in education, she has worked in educational field since 2015.

She was accepted as a part-time teacher at Aii Language Center at Toul Kork Campus on July 06, 2016. Then she was promoted as a full-time teacher in 2016, as a head teacher in 2018, as a Deputy Campus Director in 2020 and as Campus Director in 2022.

As an educator, she strongly believes that every student has their own uniqueness and strength. Therefore, every teacher has to patiently walk along the way with them and motivate them to unleash their own utmost potentials. She is ndeed passionate with education field and eager to see Cambodian students’ progress.