Mr. Phanit Phann has recently been promoted to Deputy Campus Director at Aii Language Center, Choam Chao Campus.

He started as an ESL full-time teacher in 2018, then joined the management team as a Head Teacher in 2021 at Mao Tse Tong Campus, and moved to Choam Chao Campus in the early part of 2022. Due to his driven passion, dedication and conscience in next-generation academic enhancement, he currently holds the position of Deputy Campus Director. Both at once, with the intention of improving the young generation of Cambodia as a whole, he yearned to leave a legacy for others who chose to undertake his path. Therefore, he consistently seeks ways to broaden the scope of his work and intensify his leadership skills. Moreover, he reckons that in the 21st century, Cambodian children must acquire and cultivate more in the area of technology, technology in education. For the same reason, Mr. Phanit Phann has made adopting new technology a priority in his career at Aii.