Mr. Pich Sem is a patient person who enjoys sports, especially soccer. He graduated from the College of Sports and Physical Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English at the University of Human Resources. He is currently the Athletics Director of American Intercon School and Aii Language Center, both of which strongly supported by students, parents, and guardians in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

He has been involved in soccer at the very young age, and he used to be a national soccer player. On October 1, 2001, he became a physical education and sports teacher at Chea Sim Beung Keng Kong High School in Phnom Penh.

On March 10, 2007, he worked as a soccer coach (part-time) at American Intercon School. Then in 2008, he changed his position as a disciplinarian and sport teacher, and in 2009 he was promoted to Athletics Director.

Based on his hard work and strong commitment for nine-year for the American Intercon School, he was promoted to the Athletics Director and Head of Disciplinary in 2010.