Mr. Soben Oerun was born in 1984 in Phnom Penh.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Information Technology Management from the National University of Management in 2005.

He volunteered for the Youth Star Cambodia organization to serve the community in Kratie province for one year from January 1, 2006, to December 30, 2006. On April 4, 2007, he started working at American Intercon Institute and School as an Administrative Officer. After working for one year, he was transferred position to Student Affairs Officer, on June 17, 2008. Based on his ability and efforts, he was subsequently promoted to the position of Deputy Head of Student Affairs Office on 15 August 2008 and promoted to Head of Student Affairs Office on September 01, 2011.  In July 2020 was promoted to Senior Student Affairs Office Supervisor to the present.