Currently, Ms. Sokun Chakriya Nora is working as a CSL Head Teacher at Aii Language Center, Chroy Chongva Campus. She joined the Mengly J. Quach Education in 2020 as a Part-time CSL Teacher. Following her commitment and outstanding performance, she was promoted to be a CSL Head Teacher.
She got a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Chinese from the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFLs) and got the Certificate of Chinese Proficiency Test level 6 (HSK6) in 2020.
As a CSL Head Teacher, she believes that learning Chinese language is not difficult when you start with basics, and the more you put what you learn into practice, the faster you are likely to get your achievement. With her experiences of learning and teaching Chinese as a Second Language for years, she thinks that to become a good Chinese speaker, you should know learning tips but not focus on learning by memorizing.