Tharith Phoung Campus Director, Aii Language Center at Toul Kork Campus

Mr. Phoung joined Aii Language Center (Aii) in August 2006 as a part-time ESL teacher. In June 2009, he decided to join Aii as full-time. He was nominated to be an outstanding teacher in his first term as a full-time ESL teacher and subsequently got promoted to be the Head Teacher.

Aii Language Center inaugurated its second campus in April 2014 located in Toul Kork area; Mr. Phoung was promoted to be the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Operations. In March 2017, he was promoted to be the Campus Director of Aii Language Center at Toul Kork Campus.

Before joining Aii Language Center, Mr. Phoung worked as an administrator, a representative of Webster University in Thailand, a computer instructor, an ESL teacher, a receptionist and an office assistant in two different international schools from 1999 to 2009.

Mr. Phoung holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from Norton University. He is currently pursuing a Master Degree of Business Administration in Management.