By Kimhong Phan

Society has become obsessed with productivity. People desire to get things done faster in order to be better, smarter and richer; or simply to have more time to do things they enjoy. However, few people explore what productivity actually entails. Personal productivity refers to how quickly you can consistently perform tasks that are essential to you. Nothing makes us happier than being productive. Checking items off your daily to-do list, completing tasks ahead of schedule, and successfully completing numerous projects are all rewarding experiences. “The more productive you are, the more quickly you will attain your goal and the more delighted you will be at the end.”
What is the best way to measure personal productivity?
Everyone aspires to be more productive. The first step in doing so is to keep track of and measure your productivity. How productive are you on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Making small, deliberate modifications to your routine is required to measure personal productivity. It entails removing as many distractions as possible and ensuring that every hour counts.
How can personal productivity be improved?
We may use this in order to increase our productivity.
• Make a to-do list before the end of the previous workday
• Make a schedule
• Plan everyday
• Keep your distractions to a minimum
• Block time
• Prioritize your tasks
• Avoid multitasking by grouping comparable jobs together.
“Focus on being productive instead of being busy.”-Tim Ferriss