Publisher: Mengly J. Quach University Press
Release Date: September, 2023
Pages: 319
Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm
Language: Khmer


“Shortcut” is set to be published as the 9th book from author, Mengly Jandy Quach, MD, MPH. This book contains a wide variety of subjects and knowledge which should be shared among the Cambodian youth, students, business practitioners, and those who are keen to learn more about the key elements of studying—such as the skills needed to improve study habits, how to go about starting a business, and much more.

This 319-page informational text contains 8 chapters written at a variety of reading levels to accommodate diverse readers. Chapter One: “Chasing Dreams” begins as an analytical approach to some of life’s most unanswered mysteries allowing readers to ask “Why do people need to have dreams? When should they dream, and how? How could an individual pursue a realistic dream? If they found one, how could they manifest that dream into reality?” The chapter concludes the notion of understanding how that particular dream might benefit others. In Chapter Two: “Shortcut”, the author presents three important thoughts for young people, students, and readers to consider: “Whether they should or should not listen to expert opinions, follow in the path of another person’s previous success, or think for themselves and take the risk.”

From there, in Chapter Three, the author forges ahead into exploring how the benefits of investing in knowledge, skills, expertise, and technology will impact a person’s life. Chapter Four, moves on into the reasoning and benefits of becoming experienced through the ways and means of internships, work-studies, volunteering and training. Moreover, in Chapter Five, the author illustrates how sharing personal experience is crucial towards influencing strength in capital and talent. This leads us into Chapter Six: “Business Segment”, where the author shares 5 important ingredients to success. Readers will gain experienced insight on topics such as business segments, economy and politics, the 5 types of business to avoid, the 5 types of business to pursue, and the secret qualities of the 7 points formula. All of the contents of this chapter will prove to develop readers well beyond their current level of understanding.

Chapter Seven focuses on business and emotions. In this chapter, the author provides wisdom and experience on the difficult topic of balancing between work and relatives. The point of convergence, Chapter 8, closes the book with a crucial discussion addressing the SWOT analysis framework. For readers who have been through a management or marketing skills course as well as those who have never learned a skill, but have gone through this analysis, this chapter will provide a deeper and much easier understanding, which will enable the reader to look back and realize it was their own perspective holding them back from what they already knew subconsciously about SWOT. After reading this intriguing chapter, it will become quite clear to the reader they have already been practicing some elements of this concept, and from this point forward, their application of the framework will be much more effective and focused.

The coup de grace of author, Mengly J. Quach, MD, MPH’s latest addition to his series of informational texts, strongly urges the younger generation, comprising mostly of students, business practitioners, and/or readers who wish to do business, to not jump to conclusions or take shortcuts. The author kindly reminds readers that the journey of life is a long hard road, nothing comes easy, and shortcuts will only lead to dead ends. One must traverse wisely through proper education, and precise knowledge. Life is a continuous study towards understanding through practice, at the pace of the individual, one step at a time, going through the trials and tribulations of experience, and ultimately becoming the expert they set out to be over time. He stresses the importance of becoming an expert at something before jumping into the business world, because opportunities and chances are limited, and if you are going to do it, you need to do it right the first time.

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