By Ms. Dany Lim

Everyone can be a leader. But to be a good one is not easy. In order to be a good leader one has to possess and strengthen some of these skills:
1. Good communication
Communication is very crucial for a good leader in order to build a good relationship with a team. The first step is to know the main goals and tasks. Then s/he can build relationships through problem- solving, counseling and helping the team to be more productive.
2. Social skills
A leader is an individual who meets many new people to discuss employee’s matters in order to improve. A good leader listens to the people around her/him, remembers the names of key stakeholders and their stories. Knowing the art of engaging and making people trust and taking responsibility makes a strong leader.
3. Listening skills
A good leader is someone who has the ability to listen to the team’s problems and then solve them intelligently.
4. Good teamwork
Leading the team by following through with the plan of the team makes a successful leader. In addition, a good leader encourages the team to work well and communicate in a systematic way.
5. High commitment
A good leader, if he has expectations and plans, is always very determined and does not give up easily no matter what happens.
6. Being Reliable
To be a good leader s/he needs to be confident in her/his abilities and believes in what is planned to succeed.
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