By: Royd Guyon
Have you ever seen clothes that can check your blood pressure or your body temperature? This kind of clothing have sensors that are connected to applications using bluetooth or Wifi. Smart clothes have different names like high tech clothing, smart fabrics and electronic textiles. These clothes have two categories: aesthetic and performance enhancing.
Aesthetic examples include fabrics that light up and fabrics that can change color. Some gather energy from the environment by using vibrations, sound, or heat. This can also be done by putting electronics to the fabric.
Performance enhancing smart clothes are used in athletic, extreme sports, and military. These include fabrics designed to regulate body temperature, reduce wind resistance, and muscle control to help improve athletic performance. Other fabrics have been developed for protection to guard against extreme environmental situations.
The health and beauty industry is also taking advantage of these innovations. Some clothing has drug-releasing medical function. There are fabrics with moisturizer, perfume, and anti-aging properties.
The future of smart clothes is developing because the fashion industry is also involved in creating designs that we can use in style making it more accessible and affordable for public use.