By: Chanviphou Leak

This started when I was in school. It happens almost everyday whenever I come out of school. I always see many people who hold a type of smart gadget that they can call, deliver messages or even order anything! That gadget is also one of those smart devices that is called a “ Smart Phone”. I admit that almost everyone knows how to use a smartphone, but can you describe the exact meaning of smart devices for me? These are electronic devices that are smart, somehow it might be even smarter than us.
Are smart devices good or bad? To answer this question, you have to ask yourself first. Just imagine that you are living on earth without a smartphone, how would you feel ? In my opinion, I would feel very frustrated and stressed out because living without my cellphone can make me feel as if I am isolated. It’s like the feeling when you have been cut off from your friends and family.
On the other hand, I’ll say that smart devices are good for you if you don’t spend way too much time on them. Why? Today is 2022! It’s not the same as our ancestors’ lives used to be around in the 1800s. We may not have chosen our ancestor’s communication style back then but magine if it takes 2-3 days to deliver urgent messages by a carrier pigeon or mailman. You won’t want to receive calls if it costs you around 5c to 30c per minute in the 1800s right?
The new technology made us feel better and easier with our new conditions especially during this pandemic. If we compare our ancestor’s life back then, we only took 2-3 seconds to deliver messages via smartphone, you can call as much as you wanted unless you have access to the WiFi. The way we live nowadays is insanely better!
To sum up, modern technology gave birth to phones and smart watches which are increasingly faster and more convenient. It has revolutionized our lives making it better and even more fun!