By: Vanny Sim

Located in the southwest of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the old province of Takeo is known as the “Origin of Khmer Civilization”. It is an hour and a half drive away from the capital, Phnom Penh.

Takeo’s economy centers around agricultural farming, fishing, and rice and fruit cropping.

The province boasts its most popular foods, duck eggs and freshwater lobsters. Found in Tram Kak District, Sre Nor Nong duck egg is an agricultural product of Takeo province. As one of the geographical marking products of the locale, it is famous throughout the country.

Known for the “Duck Egg Emperor”, the province of Takeo was given the nickname Emperor Pong Tea Kon Province by Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen. Registered in the Ministry of Commerce, farmers in Sre Nor Nong commune has perfected the production of duck eggs for many years. They use natural breading techniques to hatch eggs and make them available in the market. To maintain good egg quality, the duck eggs are sourced from real Khmer ducks that are raised in dry fields and rice fields.

If you are ever visiting Takeo, don’t forget to try some Sre Nor Nong duck eggs.