By Mutiah Fauzan

An article by Gustavo de las Casas, International Relations Doctorate from Colombia University, stated that nationalism could help create wealth, fight corruption and lower crime rate. I completely agree. Great nations are built by nationalists.

What is nationalism? And why do people feel the need to justify themselves when they are claiming that they are a nationalist?

If you google what Nationalism means, this come up; Nationalism is a way of thinking that allows a group of people, such as ethnic groups, to freely rule themselves. Technically, nationalism is the identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.

Why then shy away from nationalism? Isn’t it that it holds the same value of loving, and protecting your own family but just in a bigger scale?

This made me think about the story that my good friend, Mr. Reyneir Abello, told me couple days back. He is the talented designer who have the honor of making Miss Universe Cambodia 2021 happen. When I saw the picture of Ms. Marady Ngin, the reigning Miss Universe Cambodia, I wondered what was so special about her. I was told she speaks superb English. However, when it was her turn to speak in front of judges during an event, she started speaking in Khmer with a disclaimer that she has no issues with her English and she is very confident using it. According to her, she was speaking to her people, and that is why she spoke in her language.

Her statement shows her love of country. By her opening speech alone, she could be the winner. Why? Because it shows that she loves her family. She never forgets nor is ashamed of where she’s from. That is beautiful! Her statement and the love of her country can warm even the blackest and the most bitter heart.

I always believe that as human we both came to this world to have the ability to think with your logic and to feel with your heart. As the highest form of beings, we are supposed to have a more holistic approach in life. There is no need to justify. After all, love never need any justification, right?