By: Rathana Cham

Success and failure are virtually inevitable events happening in every person’s life. There is no person who has never tasted failure. Everyone who appears successful at present has succeeded after failing many times. Most people welcome success and despise failure. They forget that failure and success are two aspects of the coin of life. Millions of people all over the world want to be successful, but they don’t know that only failure can lead them to success.
I would like to share my own experience that relates to this topic. I’ve been telling myself since I was born that I have to be number one in everything; my studies, my future job, and everything else.When I studied from kindergarten until college, I must have been in the top five because I wanted to be an outstanding student. I want my grandfather to be happy and proud of me. I still remember whenever I got number one, he would buy pizza for me as a reward, since he knew I loved eating it. On the other hand, when I got number two, he would be disappointed. After seeing that, I kept putting pressure on myself to be number one again, even though it was challenging. Looking back at that time, I kept asking myself why I had to be an outstanding student all the time. I was tired, stressed and wanted to give up everything.
Later, I realized that he was always proud of me, even though I was not always number one. How did I find it out? Well, he keeps showing off my achievements to my neighbors and relatives while he never lets me hear them. I realized it because they told me this whenever they met me. Therefore, I realized that not only my grandfather but my whole family is always proud of me and supports me as much as they can, even though I failed. What I have learned from this is that it is fine to not be an outstanding person all the time. It is ok to fail, and the next day we can stand up and walk further than today.
Passengers of success should make failure a guide rather than the scorn of failure. And proper analysis of the root causes of failure should be done and tried again with full intent. There can be many stops of failure on the way to success but you don’t stay anywhere. Just keep moving forward with the determination to work with full confidence, you will definitely get the floor of success. The winner always says, “It may be difficult but it is possible”, and the loser always says, “It may be possible but it is difficult.”