By: Ms. Sao Kagnary Nges

Do you have enough self-love? A healthy mindset is a powerful tool to start your new day. We need to understand that self-love isn’t selfish. The person that has self-love leads a blissful life, has high self-esteem, and brings joy to others. It enhances mental growth and improves views in other aspects in a positive way. It attracts positive vibes and helps people to behave well. Everything will fall into place at the right time; thus, people have a different timeline.

Why waste your time thinking of the things that are yet to come? Be yourself, be humble, and be content. You will be contented, amicable, and non-judgmental.

Self-care is a treasure; simply because it is the course of action, you treat and expose yourself to the world of your own and the outside world. It comes when you understand the core concept of self-love.

The art of self-love for students is much more important as it helps them grow endlessly both in the academic journey and in real life.

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