Nalen Khlim


Have you ever heard your kids say “I am not good enough”, “I can never do it”, “I am bad at this and that.”? Do you care enough to doubt why they state such things to themselves? Self-love can be the key answer. It is not a type of love with arrogance or an unhealthy ego to convey the love to oneself or a way to get people’s acceptance and approval. Nonetheless, the secure and safe type of love that will lead one to serendipity in life. According to Psychology Today, there are three powerful science-based benefits of self-love.

1. Increase resilience: Self-love boosts our kids’ resilience which helps them adapt to the adversity, trauma, and negative effect of their life matters.
2. Upsurge productivity: Self-love drives our kids’ productivity as their powerful emotions within their hearts do matter to their activeness, creativity, and focus.
3. Decrease stress: Self-love releases the happy hormone called “Oxytocin” within our kids’ bodies to put their minds in peace and relaxation.

Hence, let’s educate them that the most important in their lives is themselves. Either create a storm or rainbow it depends on themselves. Can never someone love them better than themselves