When you travel by plane, airlines ask you this question. Are you traveling for business or pleasure? Traveling is no longer done only for leisure or business since a lot of research shows how it can be beneficial to our well-being. These are some of the benefits of traveling.
1. It improves your self-esteem.
Traveling requires planning and preparation; you also have to use your communication and social skills. In the process of doing all these tasks, you are also developing your confidence both consciously and unconsciously.
2. Relieves stress
The health of the mind and body are taken into consideration when traveling too. When you travel you have a lot of opportunities to do things that can divert your thoughts or even a chance to sleep. Take those breaks since it’s giving your body a chance to recover and helps you perform better.
3. It helps on your personal development
A neuropsychologist professor Lutz Jancke said that travel and our travel memories have the power to shape our personality. There is a British survey that shows how traveling changed their lives. More than 40% of British people said that they have taken trips that changed their perspective, while 20% say they learned something while traveling for example a new hobby or skill. 70% of the British people say that they take photographs to remember their travel.
4. Traveling helps to boost your immune system.
Research by Mary Ruebush shows that traveling boosts your immunity by going to a different environment, your body creates little proteins called antibodies that will protect you from germs. One blogger, Andy Lee Graham, said that travel is his best probiotic. He traveled for 21 years and stayed in 112 countries. In this present day, we cannot ignore the need for travel because it is already a part of our lives. Traveling is also a way to remind you that you’re created and designed to explore so pick up that calendar and start planning your vacation because you not only deserve it but you need it!