By Michael Jake Arcilla

From September 5 to October 5, teachers around the world gather to celebrate a month-long occasion which is Teacher’s Month. In my country, it is a special occasion where teachers’ hard work is celebrated and big companies, celebrities, private sectors, and our own Department of Education create several programs to make the event more meaningful. Freebies and special discounts from shopping malls and centers are all for grabs by teachers. Yet, during the pandemic, it might be a bit of a challenge due to some restrictions. But what does it really mean to show appreciation to our teachers?

Since many teachers wear many hats and take many different roles, the most important appreciation we can give them is to pay attention to their overall well being. Although meeting face to face is still a challenge, the school management and students must not overlook the need to provide cooperation and respect for our teachers. It does not take much effort to greet how they are doing, give a message of thanks, and let them know that in every step of the way, we are with them. Although our teachers do not say it, we must understand that teaching online can be very exhausting at times, and the least we can do is give them the support that they need and become their confidant.

For all our passionate teachers around the world who shape great minds, we salute you! Indeed, you are the catalyst of change. As you continue to adapt to the new normal, know this — we are with you all throughout, because the best is yet to come!