By Sao Kimsrun

Adventure hiking has numerous advantages, ranging from mental and physical wellness to community economic and social benefits. First, it aids in better sleep. Hiking, like many other forms of exercise, is a good approach to increasing sleep quality since it is a full-body workout that requires physical exertion. Additionally, if you are anxious and your anxiety level is at an all-time high, you may want to consider hiking. Because we currently live in such a fast-paced society, the tranquil and soothing outdoors might be really beneficial. Your connection to nature soothes your mind and soul, allowing you to have a greater understanding of yourself. Finally, for me, hiking has a purpose that extends beyond its physical benefits. It not only promotes my health, but it also benefits the local community in terms of economic and social benefits. We may also promote local tourism by hiring local guides because there are so many beautiful sites to hike in Cambodia, like Knong Psar, Oral Mountain, Knong Veal, Knong Krapoer, Chay Yuong Waterfall, Samkos Mountain, Tupor Mountain, and Knong Preah.