Currently, we see that the education sector in Cambodia is making great progress whether in public or private schools and these factors make our country produce a lot of human resources that are truly knowledgeable to become globally competitive. Along with this success, there are also some challenges observed in the current education sector for some students who procrastinate and do not respect their study time, resulting to poor performance.

Amidst the knowledge of the disadvantages of going late to school, some students are still prone to this bad habit and at some point, do not worry about its effects at all.

Tardiness has direct impact on the following areas:
– Students’ learning outcomes
– Loss of funds that parents or guardians have provided for tuition fee
– Disrupts other students (when he or she enters class late)
– Affects the teaching of teachers
– Difficulty to catch up with the lessons well

With this underlying problem mentioned earlier, it is vital to educate the students to have good habits and avoid procrastination and the habit of tardiness to help them achieve a bright future in education to help themselves, their families and the society as a whole.

Remember the lines “It’s a coincidence if you come late the first time; the second time becomes a habit, but if you arrive late often you are lazy.”


-By Mr. Mr. Soben Oeurn