The Campus and Building Maintenance Department of Mengly J. Quach Education (MJQE) plays a vital role to improve, support, and develop the aesthetics of both American Intercon School and Aii Language Center at all campus locations. The Campus and Building Maintenance Department is doing all efforts to promote the aesthetics, safety, and comfort of all MJQE campuses to all students, staff, teachers and guests who enter the campus of American Intercon School and Aii Language Center.

Currently, the building and campus maintenance department has four main sections including:

1. Maintenance Unit
Building Maintenance is part of CBMD, which is responsible for overseeing, repairing and remodeling plumbing, lighting, drains, ceilings, roofs, fans, air conditioners, generators, electrical systems, lighting, fire alarm systems, plumbing, plumbing and tiling and defects that occur in all campus buildings. We have professional staff with many years of experience in all of this work.

2. General Productions
General production is the second main unit after the maintenance department in CBMD, which is responsible for the production and repair of furniture for use in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms, living rooms, etc. We have experienced and skilled craftsmen in the production of furniture, wood, resin and spraying according to the needs of customers of the department. The materials that the general production department has produced in the past include tables, cabinets, chairs, shelves, all kinds of billboards made of wood, metal, glass and acrylic resin.

3. Housekeeping Unit
CBMD Housekeeping Division is responsible for landscaping, spraying, disinfecting, weeding, detailed cleaning using machines and cleaning techniques inside and outside the building. In addition to all this work, the housekeeping department also specializes in planting seedlings for display in homes, offices, classrooms and many other important locations. Our housekeeping section also offers the above-mentioned services to external clients through the Facebook page of Housekeeping Unit, MJQE or contact us at 061 700 182.

4. Fine Arts Center
The Art Center is the last unit of CBMD of Mengly J. Quach Education. This artistic talent section is different from the above three sections because their job requires a lot of creativity and meticulous work. Every day, a team of skilled and talented artists visit all locations of MJQE campus buildings to design murals on the walls of classrooms, offices, reception areas, children’s playgrounds, canteens and even trees. Their work is now available at all MJQE campuses, contributing to the education of students.

In addition to the professionalism, skills and talents that the four CBMD teams have, more than that, is the collaborative effort of all MJQE staff to achieve common ground. This is possible because of the skilled employees who give attention to work with high patience, independence, responsibility, ethics, values and respect for each other’s work.


By: Sao Rothna