By Mutiah Fauzan

What is the connection between self- acceptance and emotional wellness?
I think talking about this topic would not be complete without talking about emotional wellness. What is emotional wellness, why we have to consider this important? it is the crucial factor that define the ability to cope with life’s challenges. It helps us as a human being to express feelings in a productive manner.
I was born with darker color skin, tall, and bigger than the normal petite cute asian sizes. Being different makes me not confidence, and I used to tend to shy away from attention and trying so hard to fit in with society standard.
I put on so many lotions that makes my skin lighter and I never want to wore high heels because I always looks like a giant tree.
My grandmother was a school principal. She loves to read books. She is brown, short and only have one eye. But she has the most brilliant mind. If you talk to her, you can see how her knowledge and her confidence can command the whole room by her glance. She is my idol.
One day she told me story of Cleopatra, how actually she is not actually beautiful as people portray her to be. But it is her confidence and her brilliant mind and tactics that makes her beautiful. She said and I quote “the most beautiful part of human body, it is actually brain, your skin, face and posture will get worse by time; but your mind if you know how to use them properly, will do the opposite to your outer appearance”
I feel so humble listening to her advice and think to myself, I like my brown skin. It reminds me of my hardworking family man, my dad. It reminds me of my son who is strong, brave and kind. I like my size because it reminds me of my grandfather and his charisma. I love my flat nose because it reminds me of my business savvy mother who knows how to keep all of us in order, save money and always speak her mind.
The world is an unkind place. Every now and then you bump into some people who tease on how you look, or just plain mean to you. But since I have learned to love myself, it never really bothers me or knock me off balance.
Love yourself, embrace who you are, so no matter how strong the wind blows, it might shake you a little but if the roots are strong it will never destroy you.