By Kimhak Pom
Children are born as blank slates. If you discipline them right, it is most likely that they will grow up to be good citizens. Below are some strategies on how to instill discipline in your child.
1. Advise and not scold
Tell your child what is right and what is not, and be the role model. If you tell your child not to swear, neither must you.
2. Correct your child in private
Try not to disgrace your child in front of his friends or others. Your kid, regardless of age, has her/his pride.
3. Set limits
Set clear rules your child has to follow but explain to her/him also why such rules are set.
4. Agree on consequences
If the particular rule is broken, some consequences will be applied as discussed and agreed on. For example, if your child uses the phone longer than the limited time, there won’t be any screen time the following day.
5. Focus on good behaviors
When your child behaves well, praise her/him as the positive reinforcement. For example, you may say, “Wow, good job Dara. Today, you are ready for school on time!”