by Vanntha Hon

Education is an intangible heritage that is very priceless, and no one can steal it. It’s the life capital for people to find success in their respective careers. Therefore, school education, the involvement of parents or guardians, and society are important factors in providing students with real knowledge, skills, and behavior. Many people always think and say that school is a place to impart knowledge; however, knowledge on its own is not enough if they lack the skills and attitude to meet the social context and evolution.
What is the knowledge, skills, and behavior in education?
Knowledge is what we gain through the study of a particular subject reflected through reading, writing, arithmetic, foreign languages, or information technology.
Skills refer to critical thinking, analytic thinking, creativity, problem-solving, and decision making.
Behavior refers to a good and correct attitude for success, such as curiosity, initiative, gentleness, discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and good communication.
You cannot miss these outcomes to be a successful person because knowledge can help you to get a good job, but you will not be successful without the necessary skills and behavior.
Do not despair in life, no matter how poor you are, the pursuit of knowledge, skills and good attitude is a valuable life capital for your future success.