By: Angel Garganta

This year’s celebration of Women’s Month is also a tribute to the thousands of ways women provided healing and hope in every family and nation. This celebration marks recommitting on how we address the most common threats to women’s health. Here are the top 2 diseases among women according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based on their 2017 statistics and records:
Heart Disease is classified as the silent killer and accounts for 22% of all female deaths. People with diabetes, emotional stress, and depression are at risk. The most noticeable symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath, and unusual fatigue. To ward off this disease, one should be making healthy food choices, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol intake, managing stress levels, and regular check-ups to monitor health conditions.
Next to the record is Cancer which extends to lung cancer, breast cancer, and cervical cancer, which causes 20 % of women’s death. This could occur at any age, but the risk increases as we get older. With the broad spectrum of cancer, early diagnosis would be helpful to counter this disease since some of them could be genetically acquired. It is also best to know oneself and check their family history. Getting appropriate vaccines, proper diet, exercise, and cancer screening tests would help prevent these diseases.
There are many things to be celebrated by being a woman, and today, let us catalyze commitment to a better and healthy lifestyle. In a world where difference is valued and equality is a vision, there is nothing a healthy woman can’t do.