The virtual class is becoming a new normal for many students around the globe due to the pandemic. It is quite challenging and takes time and effort to adapt to the new platform of learning. Students miss their face-to-face class and favor it more; however, it is better to be safe than sorry. Online learning is an alternative way for them during the CoronaVirus time.

Maybe it is time to stop complaining and remember that if you have a device and internet connection, you are a lot more fortunate than many out there who don’t get the same opportunity.

If you feel that the online class is draining you out and you are already fed up with it, try the tips below.

  1. Let them see you: It helps you to be more disciplined and organized. You will take a shower, comb your hair, dress up, prepare your room and make your bed also as your teacher and friends can see you through your camera. Doing those things will make you quite awake in the morning and get ready for your class. Turning on the camera will stop you from doing tons of stuff that drag your mind away since, more or less, you feel obliged to behave yourself.
  2. Get up: It is said that your bed is the favorite hello but the hardest goodbye. If you are already lying in your bed, you will probably be yawning after 15 minutes of the lecture. Find a table in a well-lit space, have some snacks and water, and sit straight; your attention span will be longer and you get the most out of the lesson.
  3. Walk away: Do not just sit in front of the screen for the whole morning, after the session, get out of your room to talk to your mom, play with your siblings, pet your dog or help with the chores to refresh your mind and allow your eyes to be away from the screen for some time before your next session starts.
  4. Mute notifications: How many times can you resist checking your Facebook after you get a notification? Turning off your phone notification helps you a lot to be focused on your lesson. It may be hard for the first few days, but you will be proud of yourself when you can do it for many days in a row. And you don’t have to ask your teacher to repeat the questions anymore.
  5. Say something: If you think you are a good student because you keep silent every time, you are not doing it right. Asking questions, answering and participating in all activities in the online class will make it more lively and enjoyable.
  6. Change your mindset: You need to stop reminding yourself that it is just an online class and you, no matter what, are going to learn nothing. Treat it seriously; a class is a class.

-By Kimhak Pom