By Ms. Sineth Chhay


Time management is a way to plan work and define each work activity specific in daily life. A person who has good management skills accomplish a lot of task while avoiding stress at work. Time management plays a vital role in having a successful career.  Here are four key time management strategies that one should keep in mind.

  1. Schedule your task

Prepare a checklist or to-do list. Listing all the task that must be done in a given time can give insight on how to manage your time, including your personal time.

  1. Have enough time for each task or project

Make sure that enough time is allocated for each task. Don’t forget to spend time to relax or engage in your favorite hobby or activity.

  1. More time for other opportunity

Well-timed activities can make room for other opportunities. People who manages their time efficiently have more chances to explore other things. Thus, more opportunities come their way.

  1. Achieve goals on time

Individuals who manage their time well can achieve their goals in a short period of time. Do not get into the habit of procrastinating. Some goals wait for no man.

Source: Apsara Media Service,