By Mr. Channirath Heng

Some staff struggle with finding ways to work effectively so that they can work as productive as possible. Learning to work effectively, however, can positively impact not only your working hours but also your personal mental health. If you find it challenging to be an effective worker, there are many methods for increasing your efficiency and you can choose which ones work best for you. Here are some tips you can use to learn how to work effectively:
• Keep yourself organized
Using organizational tools to manage your day is one of the best ways to work effectively. This can include using to-do lists, schedules, calendars, planners and apps that help you plan your time. Follow up if needed. This is to make sure that your work is completed properly.
• Use a short to-do list
A to-do list that is too long can feel overwhelming and unending, so instead use a short to-do list which can help you stay organized but not overwhelmed. Concentrating on the top three to five things on your list can make your list seem more manageable and help you focus on the most important tasks.
• Create a routine
Whether you do similar tasks every day or you have more variety in your work, creating a routine can help you manage your time effectively and know what to expect every day. For instance, if you discover you often spend the first hour of every day answering emails or doing other administrative tasks because that helps you get into a more productive frame of mind, you may decide to plan on that being a set time for these tasks. Then you don’t have to wonder what you’ll start with.
• Prioritize your tasks
One thing that can be helpful when using a to-do list or other organizational methods to keep track of your tasks is to prioritize your tasks. To do this, you might rank your tasks using numbers, or you could group tasks in categories like “most urgent,” “less urgent” and “not urgent.” If you prioritize your tasks, it can help you decide what limited items belong on your to-do list and how to schedule your work on those tasks. For some, that might mean getting the most urgent tasks done first, but for others it might be working on the most urgent tasks when you can focus on them.
Effective and efficient work habits bring a stress-free work life.