By Joanna
I woke up in the middle of night suddenly feeling nostalgic. It’s barely a week before the new year start but it feels like this year has just begun. As I silently catalogue all the things I went through this year, I was jolted to my core. Like a light bulb moment, a smile crept slowly in the corner of lips. A new year is coming! A fresh start. A new beginning.
I realized that no matter how challenging life can be, the universe always finds a way to start anew. I lost my mom during the pandemic. Some people were furloughed. Schools closed down. Economies crashed. At one point, everyone took a bad hit. 2021 wreaked havoc in our lives. But, life goes on. Vaccines are now available. Schools have reopened. Everything is in full swing!
Today, I realized that my mom left me the perfect gift. She gave me a perfect set of eyes. She gave me a pair that can look beyond the darkest days; to see beyond the dust and the rubbles. She gave me the foresight to endure until the better days. And now here it comes! Bring it on 2022!