By Mutiah Fauzan
As a non-Christian person, I always look at Christmas as something alien to me, with the over-painted red color decorations and people wearing knitted jumpers. Only when I moved to England, I fully understand what Christmas meant.
Of course, if you want to be pedantic, Christmas is the day when you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ; but the connection between Jesus and Santa, that’s another day, another article.
When I properly celebrate Christmas, I remember I was away from my family, cold and never alone; surrounded by loved ones who won’t stop feeding me food that reminds them of their home. Strangely enough, in a far, far away home, I feel at home at that very moment and that very time.
It is not because of the British food nor the cold, gloomy weather that made me feel at home. It is the fact that everyone gives, sit together and play card games that you are bound never to win. Since that day, I’ve been obsessing creating the perfect Christmas ever since. Last year I even bought a mini tree and gave everyone presents. But sadly, it did not feel the same. I just felt disappointed, so I was determined to forget and never relive the memory this year.
This morning, I felt down because it was Christmas and I was alone. When I arrived, I was listening to rock music to lift my spirit and get away from Christmas songs. But then I saw Joanna, my good friend. She had this cheeky smile on her face. From her charming petite hands, she hands me a gift. I nearly shed a tear, so I hugged her and thanked her for that thoughtful gift. Mr. Jake putting that classic wham last Christmas song in the background. The next thing I knew, all my friends in Cambodia texted me and asked with whom I am spending Christmas and whether or not I want company.
After lunchtime, I decided to buy Takoyaki and mango with Vipha. I shared it with my colleagues, and right there and then, I felt that familiar feeling creeping back to my dark little heart. I feel like Christmas; I felt the same feeling again! Thank you, Aii team, for making this Christmas meaningful to me. Merry Christmas, everyone!