by Chea Phalla

Customer service is about taking care of our customers’ needs by providing professional, ethical, quality service and assisting our customers before, during and after purchasing or using our products. True customer service is as follows:

In front of the product
Products can be found everywhere, but good service is not sure to be easy to find. Because our country is open to competitive business and gives customers full freedom to choose what they like, keeping customers is very important in decision making succeeded for us. Satisfaction with the product may not last long, because once they find the best product, they will go and use it. Similarly, if they are satisfied with your service, they will not easily switch to something else.

As you know, customers have a choice, so if you do not have a reason for them, your competitors will probably find a reason to leave. In order to be able to retain them, you need to increase their satisfaction with the quality and services of your organization. Clients are the help of planning, quality improvement, profitability, growth and reputation of your company.

Patience is essential to being responsible for customer service. You know that this type of work is very complicated and challenging. Especially when you have to deal with customers who are confused, angry or want to make a profit. Patience is absolutely necessary because if no suitable solution can be found yet, they can also relieve some customers and apply the same method as effectively.

Clear relationship
Communication is indispensable, whether directly or indirectly. A clearer relationship is needed to prevent misconceptions and consequences. Especially for important points such as price, duration or quality, you need to tell them clearly, easy to understand, easy to remember, short and clear.

Positive language
As a customer service representative, you must absolutely avoid using inappropriate words, swearing, gossip, criticism and gossip. Instead, you need to be able to use words that are beautiful, sweet, polite and friendly, accompanied by a smile, gestures and accent.

Time management
People who know how to use and respect time are highly valued. For example, if you have an appointment with a client, you do not have to wait for them. After all, you need to have a smart time plan, set clear goals, reduce distractions, not procrastinate, share responsibilities, and send customers to someone who can solve them and not let them wait long.

In summary, here are some methods that can help you better understand customer service and how to provide this service to customers as well.