By: Chhailin Sokha

When someone has a problem, giving advice is a terrific thing to do. I remembered that I had a lot of friends in 10th and 11th grade when I was in high school. I squandered a lot of time playing football and volleyball with them. Even when I was in school, I didn’t always study. My grades were terrible at the end of the year, so one of my teachers gave me some advice. His guidance completely transformed my life. I began to consider what my life would be like if I kept up my poor habits. I’m going to have issues in the future. Day by day, I began to alter my habits. In 12th grade, I began to concentrate on my schoolwork throughout the year. After a year, I​ could pass the exam in 2014. I appreciate the teacher’s suggestions. Nowadays, I have an excellent job​ because of his advice. If we are willing to accept advice from others, it has the potential to improve our lives.