By Miss Nalen Khlim
Even the busiest bee needs their leisure time in the garden. Likewise, no matter how socialized or outgoing you are required to be to fit into this society, you still need some alone time from time to time. You are allowed to carve yourself some alone time to go off on your own, go on a weekend getaway or treat yourself to a wonderful meal. Here are the reasons:
1. ​It allows you to rejuvenate.
Sometimes, your day is packed with hectic schedules. And it is okay to understand that no one can be “on” at all times. You should know that your personal life and mood is as essential as your professional life. Take some time for your activities to recharge.
2. ​It gives you time to reflect.
Self-reflection is important for oneself. Alone time can help you reflect on what you are experiencing, doing or planning. Not only can you reassess your personal growth but also improve your mentality.
3. ​It helps you become more independent.
You will gain a strong sense of independence by discovering your own strengths and weaknesses. This does not imply that you should dismiss other people; rather, accomplishing things on your own will educate you that you do not need to rely on others all of the time.
“Sometimes, you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company,” said anonymous.