By: Sokheng Van

School clubs are great programs where students can join, learn and do different types of activities in addition to what they are learning in the classrooms. The school opens up clubs for students who want to improve their skills and talents, or for students to prepare for the competitions. Joining a club is a way for students to enjoy learning and to gain a lot of experiences. Let me share some reasons why students should join clubs in the school.
First, joining clubs is an easy way to make new friends with other people who have the same interests as you. And, as you become friends, you become more comfortable sharing knowledge and opinion with each other, with an open mind and respect. It’s just like when I joined the writing club. I study with students from different levels. We are open-minded and kind to one another. We share our ideas and even help one another. That made me a flexible person.
Second, joining a club according to your interest can help you strengthen your skills and abilities. Aside from that, you can learn new things in addition to what you’re learning in the classroom. School clubs help students strengthen their weak areas. For example, before I joined the writing club, I never felt comfortable with my writing during the quiz or exams. Now I have noticed that my writing is much better.
Lastly, it helps you gain or build self-confidence. It gives you the confidence to communicate your ideas to other people. Also, it makes you brave to participate in school programs and competitions. Moreover, it also gives you more opportunities to be involved in other school programs. For example, students can join volunteering events in school, share their outputs on school pages and participate in school videos etc.
So, when you join a school club, you gain new friends, you learn new things, and you build your confidence. All of these are just some of the reasons why students should join any school club that they are interested in. There are more benefits when you join one. Discover them yourself. Join a club now!
*Sokheng Van is a Level 6 student of Aii and a member of the Writing Club of Choam Chao Campus