By Mutiah Fauzan

I must admit history is not always my favorite subject. It certainly is now, but I remember there was a point when I was either doodling my notebooks or almost falling asleep most of the time in history class.
But then the Indiana Jones movie came out, and that was when I found history exciting, and now, I fully understand why it is essential for us to learn and keep learning history.
Most people do not realize that history is so much more than just an event and a date. History shows us why things happen and how things happen. History fills our needs for fantastic and gruesome tales about ourselves and what we have done.
What is the logic behind history, then? The way I see it, the world is driven by changes that unceasingly shape our civilization, our reasoning that affects every aspect of our lives, from the highest level of our religions, how we govern to the habit and behavior of each individual in different places. Those trivial details intertwine like a spider web, and to be fair, it is better than any novel that I have ever read. On top of that, it will add more to your knowledge and a better understanding of the world.
History is essentially a story, and you have to be willing to look over the great Khairudin Barbarossa, the Egyptian pyramid, or Machu Pichu; only then can you see that history is a thrilling tale.