Article by: Sereycheat Phuong

Most students have only heard about great college and university study abroad programs while there are many studies abroad options available to start earlier which is the High School study abroad programs. Students do not need to wait until university to experience studying abroad and be involved in new things. High school years are the most developmental years of your life where you can find your interests and become a better you by absorbing the benefits of living and studying abroad in high school years.
You get more opportunities at a more affordable price.
Exchange and study abroad programs are designated for high school students with more affordable prices. On top of that, spending high school years abroad is fairly easy to be accepted into and not available after they graduate. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Especially, students can take advantage of their study abroad years to travel to different places and meet new people during school break.
Make life-long bonds
High school years are the easiest time to make friends. Students have an opportunity to make international friends as well as build a good relationship with their host family/local family while they study abroad in high school.
It’s easier to learn things at a young age
People tend to learn new things easier at a young age. In high school, our bodies are still growing and our brains still working thus you’ll find you can pick up new cultures and master your languages skill much easier than you would at an older age.
Gain a better perspective and gain independence
Studying and living in another country gives people different perspectives because every corner of the world works differently from another. And you will never realize it until you experience it. Most importantly, studying high school abroad prepare you better to get out of your comfort zone and start doing things on your own. It will help you with your decision-making skills, make you more responsible and give you a sense of self-reliance.
Earn college credits
Students who study high school abroad might even receive college credits from their general electives course in high school, which are required at all universities, can be transferred. Moreover, there are lots of interested-based subjects that students can learn in high school to prepare them ready for university.