By Eun Lee

When I was in elementary school, my dad would always hand me the newspaper on the weekends. We are talking about a time before the convenience of online news, when every house had printed newspapers delivered to their doorsteps. As a kid who would rather watch the Saturday morning cartoons, I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “another homework”.

In the modern world, not many people read the newspaper. There are countless websites and other digital media platforms that update us constantly on all we need to know. So why read newspapers anyways? Well, reading newspaper has much more to add to your life than just keeping you updated.

Newspaper give you access to diverse general knowledge. It carries all the latest information about politics, economy, health, entertainment, technology sports, business, trade and commerce happening in the world. Reading a newspaper daily lay a strong foundation in enriching knowledge and reasoning.

And what happens when you start gaining knowledge related to different fields? You are more willing to participate in conversations pertaining to the matters of your interest and concern. And the more you speak your mind the more confident you will become.

Reading newspaper can trigger more good habits like critical thinking and wanting to learn more. When you read an intriguing story from the newspaper you feel encouraged to dive deeper into the subject and research.

Now I thank my dad for the weekend homework that turned into a useful habit. So, invest twenty minutes from your routine each day and learn about the world and improve your skills.