Social Perspective: Article 36 of the 1993 Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia states: “Khmer citizens of both sexes have equal pay for equal work.” The work of a housewife is worth the same to the income from working outside the home.” However, in Cambodian society, women do not seem to be properly valued in accordance with the constitution. Women are still considered the weaker sex and their abilities are still limited and they are not paid enough for what they have worked hard for. This situation has made women suffer emotionally and lose their value. This does not take violence into account. In the age of globalization in the 21st century, everyone has equal rights regardless of race, color, gender, or nationality. Article 45 of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia states that, “All forms of discrimination against women must be eliminated. Exploitation of women’s work is prohibited, especially in marriage and family. In addition to this promotion, women themselves should also strive to do more than what they have done and shows the women active participation in development at all levels and all sectors at all circumstances in line with the fourth phase of the Rectangular Strategy, where women are the backbone of the economy and society.” Women should be encouraged as much as possible to show their abilities rather than seeing their weaknesses as it is customary to hear the expression “women belong near the kitchen stove” is even more meaningless for this modern society.


By Suo Kimpheng