By: Chakrya Sam Ol

December 1, 2021 marks my first year with Mengly J. Quach Eduation (MJQE).
In the past year, I have been inspired by the company’s core values and principles behind its reputation: quality, discipline, and service. In spite of the challenges which I’ve been facing, I would like to stay in the company.
After my probation period, I have had the opportunity to be part of the Talent Acquisition Team (TAT), which has been playing a major role in the Human Resources Department. It started with only two members, including me, and by now has grown to five people. Through effective leading, coaching, sharing, and managing, we have been recognized by the top management of the company.
We have been able to increase the number of applications submitted to the Human Resource Department, from fifteen to fifty per day. Also, about 140 positions have been filled so far, and our projected number for 2022 is 283.
Such achievement would have been impossible without effective and appropriate planning. To fulfill our goal for the upcoming 2022, we have to include the following into our planning:
1. Understanding Manpower Planning
2. How to make it happen?
3. Business Objective
4. Company’s Organizational Chart
5. Recruitment Plan & Budget
6. Recruitment Process
7. Recruitment Timeline
8. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
I am certain that our successes in the future will depend on our capacity and capability to define and manage these elements.
Yet, one year still appears to be inadequate for me to learn about the people and the working environment here. By staying as much longer, I wish I would be able to make more contribution to the company, to bring more success to everyone.