By Eun Lee

It can be hard to stay positive in this crazy world we live in. We get caught up in our own lives often forget that the simplest of things can make the most significant impact on others and ourselves.
In 1998, the World Kindness Movement launched the first World Kindness Day on November 13th to promote the importance of being kind to each other, to yourself and to the world. Compassion for others brings us together and this understanding has the power to bridge the gap between nations. So, be the change. Showing kindness goes a long way. Kindness helps others feel valued. Being kind to others makes you feel good, too.
Taking part in kindness doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. Any act of kindness no matter how big or small can make a difference. Here are some simple ways to practice kindness:
• Smile and say hello to your colleagues. It’s contagious.
• Hold the door open for someone
• Compliment a friend
• Use your manners; say “please” and “thank you”
• Send an uplifting message to a friend or family member
• Let someone go ahead of you in line
• Pick up a piece of litter on the street and throw it out
• Buy a warm meal for someone in need
Spread kindness with small gestures and inspires others to follow your example.