By: Ms. Sao Kagnary Nges
Are you a kind of picky eater? Do you like more meat or vegetables? In between the two choices, which is the healthier lifestyle? We would like to bring your mind to think about what you are eating and what you are supposed to eat more on a daily basis.
Before we get started, we would like to introduce you to the differences between “Vegetarian Vs Vegan”. Literally, Vegetarians do not consume eggs, meats, or other animal products, whereas vegans do not consume any dairy products or other animal products such as eggs, gelatin, or honey. You’ll be amazed to know that vegans do not use animal-derived soaps, clothing, or beauty products. Technically, vegans are more environmentally conscious than vegetarians.
Now that you know about the differences between the two, you still need to decide if you like meat or more on veggies habits. If you are a really picky eater and don’t consume much on veggies, you may consider that veggies come with healthier options. You may start small portions wisely and build the habit of eating more veggies gradually. Because of the great value, people are becoming vegetarians or vegan.
World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated by vegans around the world every 1 November. The event was founded in 1994 by Louise Wallis.