By Nalen Khlim

Your mirror reflects your image, your word mirrors your attitude and your behavior reveals your personality. Never will you see anyone else in your own mirror but yourselves. Likewise, never will your behavior showcase other people’s characters but yours. Your personality comes through everything you do. It can be through your perception of others, your discourse about others either positively or negatively or your working style, just for instance.

Hence, instead of focusing on others, why not focus on improving yourselves and asking yourselves these few questions: “How much have I reflected on myself?”, “What have I done to make myself better?” and “How far have I gone?”

To conclude, you should be the one whom you make a reflection on for your daily growth and development. Remember you are RESPONSIBLE completely for your own actions and your life journey. In case you do not appreciate what you see in the mirror, filter it until you feel fulfilled. Learn to face your own shadow. To rule your mind or let it rule you, it is entirely up to you.