By Jayrald A. Salvacion

From MJQE Tower to places you decide to go! Cycling is an awesome sport. We know it and the Aii Cycling Club members know how contented cycling makes us. But what is it that makes us love cycling?

Riding a bike has different features that push growth, happiness, and positivity. While we also enjoy solo rides, it is exceptional. The best and fun times are often with group rides – with family, friends & Aii cycling club members. Whenever we hit the road, we don’t notice negativity at all because we are so focused on an awesome journey.

Our accomplishments are simple and satisfying! We get to enjoy the group, the air, the sun and the wind. On top of that, we enjoy the contemporary, fascinating and picturesque places in Cambodia.

Whenever you feel bored, stressed and you need a little bit of awesomeness, put on your gears, and go for a ride. You will see how your negative feeling will become better and more positive.