by: Soksreyla Owens

Are there days when you feel out of sorts? Feel like giving up on everything? When I feel this way, I tell myself that it is “all in the mind”

The mind is a powerful tool. It holds the power of suggestion. Every day it suggests to do many things, to feel differently in a lot of ways. Some days, my mind tells me that I am tired. At times, it compels me to dawdle and do nothing. However, after a moment of thought, new plans start to creep in. It suggests that I will feel good after I wash up. I will feel accomplished after I have done all my tasks for the day. All throughout the day, many random thoughts and plans can come up, but ultimately, the decision remains with us. So, each day I simply choose to be my best.

This is Life.

 Life can be complicated at times. Every day is a battle. You can either give in to the distraction or you can overcome the obstacles. Become self-disciplined. After all, what is life if not for the challenges and choices. Either live to the fullness or give up to the emptiness.

So what do I do when I feel like giving up? I get out of bed, dress my best and go on to do meaningful things in life. It might not always be easy, but you know what they say “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”